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Family Law in Jefferson City, Mo

Family Law Services in Jefferson City, Mo

• Divorce
• Property Valuations/Division
• Child Support and Spousal Maintenance
• Child Support Modifications
• State Child Support Enforcement Actions
• Child Custody Modifications
• Contempt
• Adult Protection Orders
• Child Protection Orders
• Grandparent Visitation Rights
• Guardianships
Family Law Services in Jefferson City Mo

What to Expect When You Meet with Us On A Family Law Problem 

  • We will make an appointment for you to see us to discuss your case. Usually, an initial consultation lasts from one to two hours. Before you meet with us, we may ask for a consultation fee, depending upon how long and involved the consultation will be and depending upon whether consulting with you will likely prevent us from later representing someone else on your case.

  •  At the initial consultation meeting, we will first listen to you explain your problem in your own words. Then we will ask you some questions. Almost always, the questions begin with getting the names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, birth places and social security numbers of family members: spouses; your parents; your children; and possibly your grandchildren. Additionally, we will ask you for contact information on your employers. It is hard to understand and discuss a case without knowing the “cast of characters”, and so that is where we usually start.  

  • Next: We will review what you told us—go back over it in detail. In going over your problem with you, our first objective, of course, will be to make sure that we have gotten down the facts correctly as you intended to relate them to us. There is no point in starting with misconceptions. Our second purpose will be to get into things in more detail with a view to making sure that we have all of the material facts. When we say “material” facts, we mean the big facts that are essential to resolving your problem. So as we go through the facts with you, we will be doing an initial legal analysis of your case—discovering the facts that are legally important. We want to try to see our way to the end of the case—the facts we need to solve your problem—at the beginning of your case. The idea is to “get to the point.”  

  • Next: We will give you our preliminary view of how you need to proceed to solve your problem. We may be talking to you about the process of obtaining a dissolution of your marriage or a separation. We may be discussing steps to protect property like bank accounts, CDs, and IRAs; or to protect your credit by contacting credit card companies, banks and other lenders. We may be focusing on an abusive spouse situation and how to achieve a quick physical separation that protects you, your children, and your job. If your marriage has already been dissolved and your problems concern custody, visitation, or child support, then we may be discussing the kind of information that you are going to have to get together for a judge to consider. So at this point we will be discussing divorce, modification, perhaps contempt proceedings, business and property appraisals, income projections—basically, the kind of case that you have.    

  • Finally, after we have a good sense of what kind of problem you have and what we are going to have to do to solve it, we will be estimating total legal fees and expenses and discussing an initial fee deposit. By this point in our conversation we should have an idea of the work we are going to have to do to help you resolve your problem: the paper work, the court appearances, the hearings, a trial, perhaps an appeal. So at the end of our initial consultation with you, we will tell you what kind of a fee deposit we are going to need to start working on your case. 
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